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Sieve Bend Screen (3)

Sieve bend screen

The sieve bend screen has the advantages of not easy to block, high filtration precision and long service life. The large arc structural design not only enhances the dehydration function, but also can extend the service life of the screen by turning over, saving a…
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Sieve Bend Screen

Sieve Bend Screen is made by stainless steel wedge wire and support rod. But it is in a curve shape not flat one. Q: What's the structure? A: V-shaped wire profiles and support rod made of sieve bend screen. The distance between wire profiles…
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Our team specializes in a wide range of screen manufacturing including wedge wire screens, Johnson screens and DSM screens. Whether you are in the market for flat-panel screens for your industry or you need access to screens for advanced mining, we can provide you with…
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