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Rotary Drum Screen (4)

Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen is welded by wedge wire profile, support rod and stiffeners. Q: What's the slot size? A: JX Filtration could make 0.02mm Rotary Drum Screen. Q: What's the wedge wire and support rod for options? Stainless steel wedge wire screen support rod…
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Compared with the wedge wire screen tube, the wedge wire screen cylinder has some similarities and differences. The similarity of the JX Filtration wedge wire screen cylinder and wedge wire screen tube They are all manufactured from stainless steel wire, including triangle surface profiles, rectangular,…
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Wedge Wire Screening

Wedge wire screening, a rod-based wire wrapped screen features the largest open area compared with either slotted liner or pipe-based screen. Versatile wedge wire screening can be found in a significant number of suitable applications, such as crude oil production, natural gas production, vessel internals…
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Johnson Bar Screen

Johnson bar screen as one type wedge wire screen is known as the equipment for filtration or separation in chemical or industry. But it is also applied in architecture for decoration. The advanced manufacture technology gives the cylinders an average filtering slot and smooth surface.
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