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Johnson Screen Pipe

Johnson screen pipe is manufactured by a wedge or V-shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal support rods. The advanced all-weld technology is used with each intersecting point of these wire fusion weld, which achieves the robust construction and excellent filtering effect. The wedge or V-shaped wire wraps around support rods creating continuous slot opening.

Johnson Screen Pipe

Therefore the screen allows water or other liquid to enter the containers freely insufficient amount, and at the same time, keeps the majority of sand and other particles out. The slots can be changed according to the different situation which made from the wires. This kind of pipe is applied in various industries such as water treatment, food industry, gas and oil industry, chemical and paper industry, etc.

JX Filtration carries out independent technological innovation on the basis of foreign equipment. The improved machine has better roundness, smaller and uniform slot and minimum variance than the previous . The small slot is controlled at 20 microns and the tolerance is controlled at 5 microns. Regardless of the quality control of raw materials and the strict control of the production environment, it guarantees that JX Filtratio Johnson Screen Pipes are of high quality. Before leaving the factory, the Wedge Cylinder has been sampled and inspected by the laboratory of our quality inspection department.

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