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Wedge Wire Strainer

The Wedge Wire Strainer utilizes stainless steel wedge wire welded screen, which is composed of stainless steel wedge wire welded to support rods. Also known as: Wedge Wire Filter Element, Trapezoidal Wire Filter Rod, V-shaped Wire Filter Rod, Johnson Filter Element, Filter Candle, Wrapped Wire Tube Filter Element, Filter Element, Filter Column, Diatomaceous Earth Candle Filter Rod, Chemical Equipment Filter Element.

Wedge Wire Strainer

Product Features:

  1. The surface of the wrapped wire filter core is smooth, without edges or corners, reducing friction and increasing effective filtration area. The filtration direction can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
  2. The gaps in the T-shaped wrapped wire filter core are uniform, with an error of 0.005mm, meeting higher requirements. It adopts a special V-shaped wire structure, which is not easy to clog and can be backwashed. For environments with special requirements such as high pressure and high temperature, reinforced wrapped wire filter cores can be customized.

Technical Parameters:

  • Design Pressure: 1.6 MPa
  • Maximum Temperature Resistance: ≤500°C (depending on different materials)
  • Filtration Accuracy: 30μm-800μm
  • Joints, Covers: SS304/SS316L
  • Material:
    Filter Core: SS304/SS316L
    Seal Ring: Silicone Rubber/Fluorine Rubber/PTFE Coated Seal Ring

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