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Wedge Wire Screen Details

The structure of wedge wire screen is welded by the parallel arrangement of the wedge wire and the support rod of the vertical mesh. The cross section shape of the screen is V-shaped, and the plane is above the mesh, the lower end is a sharp angle, which is fused to each other when the support rod is welded.
The wedge wire screen is constructed as a single component or multiple components for easy assembly. The self-bearing structure is extremely resistant to collapse or expansion, and can be easily handled even in operations where the sieve plate must withstand extremely high loads. It is easy to leak, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. The section is trapezoidal and the gap is narrow and wide. With uniform screening seam, stable welding quality, high opening rate, long service life, high strength, high stiffness and bearing capacity, wedge wire screen can be made into a variety of shapes of rigid screening filter device. Widely used in chemical industry, filter tank, water treatment equipment and so on. 

wedge wire screen

Functions and Characteristics:
1. Separable structure, easy to assemble.
2. Good wear resistance and long service life.
3. Good moisture resistance and wear resistance.
4. Automatic cleaning, high screening efficiency.

Wedge wire screen is widely used in water supply and drainage, chemical and petrochemical process, mineral, paper and food processing and other equipment. One of its main uses is the fixed-bed reactor in chemical and petrochemical plants, which can be used in axial reactors (flat type) or radial reactors (cylindrical type).

The advantages of wedge wire screen:
1. High intensity. V-type screen section height is greater than the width, the mesh itself has strength. The contact points between the wedge wire and the support rod are fixed by welding to make the screen strip form a whole.

2. High opening rate. General opening rate of porous plate is less than 30%, because the bridge width between the opening holes, otherwise the bridge will be easy to fracture, but wedge wire screen is not like that. Wedge wire screen's wedge wire is the bridge, because the screen of the processing method and the cross section shape to make it not easy to break, the bridge can take a relatively narrow size, reduce the width of the wedge wire or expand the gap between the wedge wire so as to increase the opening rate of wedge wire screen.

3. It is not easy to block. V-shaped screen bars are arranged together. From the cross section, the opening is a flared mouth. Once a catalyst particle passes through the screen gap, it will be taken away by the fluid, because the particle and the screen edge are only two points of contact, and the possibility of getting stuck in the gap is very small. The hole edge of porous plate and particle contact area is large, may occur particle stuck phenomenon.

4. Fine particles can be filtered. Wedge wire screen can be arranged through the density of the wedge wire to control the gap between the screen.

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