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Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge wire screen is widely used in oil, gas and water wells for sand control as well as in chemical and environmental industries where its application is particularly important. It is one of the most widely used filter tubes in various oil and water recycling and resin collection processes.

The Johnson T-wire screen tube is made by the world's most advanced full-winding welding process, using a special stainless steel trapezoidal (wedge-shaped) wire winding group welded to a circumferential arrangement of a set of longitudinal support rods, thus ensuring its strength and service life.

Due to the full welding process, it not only ensures the strict continuous integrity of the product, but also enables it to form the ideal gap size. The fully welded wedge wire-wound screen tubes, filter pipes, water caps, water distributors, resin catchers, and screen plates feature smooth tube surfaces, no production angles, no burrs, and uniform gaps without grease leakage.

wedge wire screen

1. The application of trapezoidal (wedge-shaped) filament on the cartridge makes a V-shaped opening between the gaps of the sieve tube. Due to the inherent advantage of this device, it can operate more efficiently than other forms of filtration products, not only to ensure the smoothness of water filtration, but also to ensure that the flow rate of the wedge-shaped filament filter pipe is three times that of the bridge filter pipe and nine times that of the slit filter pipe in terms of work efficiency!

2. Structural advantages of the wire-wound pipe. The longitudinal support rods are arranged according to the actual demand, and the screen tube has a successive slit form, which makes the product have higher pressure resistance performance.

3. Large range of filter tube slits. Any screen tube gap size between 0.02mm-60mm can be made according to actual demand to meet different application conditions.

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