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Wedge Wire Cylinder

The stainless steel Wedge Wire Cylinder is a type of wire-gap filter composed of a single stainless steel metal wire wound into a solid cylinder. It features a high open area ratio, excellent pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, prolonged filter lifespan, and can be repeatedly cleaned and reused.

Wedge Wire Cylinder

Product Performance:

  1. Non-clogging: The elongated and narrow gaps formed by the wedge-shaped stainless steel wires are resistant to local blockage.

  2. High open area ratio: Offers a higher open area compared to other types of filters.

  3. High precision: The gaps are uniform and consistent, with precision up to 25 microns.

  4. Pressure-resistant structure: The wedge-shaped stainless steel wires are wound around a sturdy ring support and meticulously welded at the connections, ensuring pressure resistance and minimal susceptibility to damage.

  5. Easy cleaning: The structure of the wedge-shaped stainless steel wire conductors allows impurities on the filter surface to be cleaned by scraping, flushing, or backwashing.

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