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Manufacturing Process of Wedge Wire Screen

JX Filtration Wedge Wire Screen

The wedge wire screen is composed of wedge-shaped wire and support rods. It is formed by fully automatic CNC machining and welding through the resistance seam welding process, and the production process is relatively mature. The lap joint of the wedge-shaped winding wire and the support rod is wedge-shaped, which is convenient for welding and self-melting. Generally, round steel wire is used for processing and forming through multiple drawing and heat treatment processes, and the mechanical strength and dimensional accuracy meet certain standard requirements. Before processing, select the wire winding, the size of the rods and the number of rods through the strength calculation to determine the size of the welding current. The support rods are evenly distributed around the circumference and fixed on the axial mold of the CNC machining machine. The machine tool shaft rotates evenly and feeds at a constant speed in the axial direction. The winding wire crosses the rods along the tangential direction of the circumference of the mold. For the negative electrode, when the winding wire and the rod tip are lapped together, the lap joint is instantly energized and self-melting, and a solder joint is formed under a certain extrusion force. The welding depth of the winding wire and the rod determines the mechanical strength of the solder joint. The wire is wound on the rod similar to a helix, the rod forms a skeleton and acts as a support, and a continuous and uniform flow gap is formed between the wire and the wire.

wedge wire screen

The wedge wire screen can be divided into positive-winding filters and reverse-winding filters, both of which use the same welding process and differ in structure. The support rod of the positive winding screen is on the inside, the wire is wound on the outside, and the impurity particles are blocked on the outside; the support rod of the reverse-winding screen is on the outside, the wire is wound on the inside, and the impurity particles are blocked on the inside. The wedge wire screen has high plasticity and can be processed into different shapes for different working conditions, such as flat, funnel, and reverse-rolled filters.
The advantages of the unique structure and process of the wedge wire screen: fully automatic CNC machine tool processing, the filtration precision is controllable, with the progress of the production process, the filtration precision is continuously improved, and the minimum diameter of the impurity particles that can be filtered at present can reach 50μm, and the precision can be controlled within the error range of 20μm, and is especially suitable for the occasion of filtering tiny particles; the filter itself is not easy to block, and the filtered large particles of impurities are in point and surface contact with the wedge wire screen, and a certain release angle will be formed between the wedge-shaped windings. Particle impurities will not be stuck in the gap after passing through the gap, and the sewage can be discharged through recoil cleaning without manual intervention; the filter screen has many welding points and high structural strength, which can be used in high-pressure system conditions. It is processed with stainless steel raw materials and has a long service life.

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