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Coanda Screen

JX Filtration Coanda screen

Our company specializes in custom-made coanda screen for water treatment.coanda screens are made of stainless steel wedge wire. Welded to the support rods, the V-shaped wire has a continuous notch on the surface that significantly increases the open area available, providing greater access to the water-bearing zone.

coanda screen

Features of coanda screen:

The "V" shaped wedge wire avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow.
Uniform and efficient filtration is achieved due to continuous grooving.
Provides great power.
High filtration precision and long service life.
High mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance.

Coanda screen application industry:

It can be widely used in brewing, malting, papermaking, mining, cement manufacturing, food processing, oil refining, sugar and food processing, noise mufflers, environmental protection, agricultural industrial machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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