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Application of Wedge Wire Screen in Nuclear Power Plant

JX Filtration Wedge Wire Screen

Nuclear power generation requires a large amount of water from the ocean, and the treatment of water quality is critical. Seawater needs to undergo multiple chemical and physical treatments before it can be used in power plants. Physical treatments include adsorption, precipitation or blocking methods to purify water quality. The blocking method is to pass the water through the filter material, so that the bulky impurities cannot pass through, so as to obtain relatively clean water for the power station. As a new type of filter material, wedge wire screen has higher filtration accuracy and structural strength than other filter device such as metal woven filter, powder sintered filter, laminated filter, etc. It is easy to recoil and clean. The petrochemical, food and other industries have formed a mature standardized series of wedge wire screens.

wedge wire screen

At present, the commonly used filter materials in nuclear power plants include metal woven filter screen, powder sintered filter element and laminated filter screen.
Metal woven filters are widely used in nuclear power plants. They are generally used for preliminary filtration on water intake filtration equipment in nuclear power plants. They are usually aimed at large impurities such as aquatic plants and shells, and have a large flow area. Wedge wire screens are more suitable for high Precision filtering.
Metal powder sintered filter element is a porous filter material made of metal powder through powder classification, molding, sintering, mechanical welding and other processes. It cannot be cleaned. After a long time of use, there will be fouling and blockage, which will cause the system pressure to increase. It needs to be replaced regularly. Sintered filter elements are widely used in power plant sampling equipment, but the maintenance interval of nuclear power equipment is long. Wedge wire screens have been gradually used in high-pressure filters, which can be backflushed and cleaned online under the same filtration accuracy. 
The laminated filter screen is a product imported from abroad in the early stage of nuclear power construction. It is a filter screen formed by superimposing a ring with a boss and fixed by a tie rod. The height of the boss is the width of the flow gap. The laminated filter screen is mainly used in the nuclear power demineralizer equipment. The demineralizer is an important equipment for the chemical treatment of water quality in the nuclear power plant. Exchange to achieve the purpose of purifying water. There will be filters at the inlet and outlet of the desalter to filter water quality and block resin leakage. The resin particle diameter is very small, generally 0.3-0.7mm, and the system pressure is high and the working conditions are complex, which will affect the pressure drop of the filter. There are strict requirements for resistance. The filtration accuracy of the laminated filter screen can meet the requirements of the demineralizer equipment, but the effect is not good after being put into use, because the boss is seriously worn under the water flow for a long time, and it is easy to leak resin, and has a short working life. The machining accuracy is very high, so it has been gradually replaced by the wedge wire screen.

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