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What is Wedge Wire Filter

Wedge wire filter, also known as wedge wire filter screen, is installed on the filter equipment to achieve the filtration of particles and liquids. The fineness can reach 0.02 mm-20 mm.

Wedge wire filters are constructed of triangle or wedge wire surface profiles with continuous slots, providing a large open area for filtration.

Wedge wire filters are usually threaded on the top to facilitate mounting on equipment and may be flat or tapered on the bottom to seal and block particle passage. It is also used for fixation and positioning.

Wedge Wire Filter


  • High temperature resistance and strong pressure resistance.
  • Can filter 20-micron particles.
  • Wide range of sizes and end styles.
  • Large open area and high filtration efficiency.
  • No clogging and plugging performance.
  • Stainless steel material for long service life.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.


Wedge wire filter is used for primary filter with large difference of flow and pressure in various water treatment fields, including boiler water, petrochemical water, paper-making water, and ship ballast water.

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