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Wedge Wire Panel for Sewage Treatment Plants

JX Filtration Wedge Wire Panel

Wedge Wire Panels are commonly used in sewage treatment, providing an ideal solution for wastewater filtration and separation. Typically crafted from stainless steel through welding, each contact point between the wedge wire and support rods undergoes welding treatment, ensuring robust durability. These panels find extensive industrial applications.

Wedge Wire Panel

The advantages of using Wedge Wire Panels in sewage treatment plants are numerous. They exhibit high welding strength, uniform gaps, high precision, corrosion resistance, long service life, smooth and even panel surfaces, easy backwashing, and wide applicability in processes such as fine material screening, dewatering, and separation. These panels are commonly used in vibrating screens, grading screens, arc screens, gravity screens, ore screens, brewing equipment, annular oil extractors, and wastewater treatment equipment.

Various methods, such as biological phosphorus removal, circulation gaps, and rotary contact, are employed in sewage treatment to reduce pollution. In this process, the role of Wedge Wire Panels becomes particularly crucial. Depending on the filtering substance, we can customize the production of Wedge Wire Panels, tailoring gap sizes, materials, filtration precision, shapes, and more.

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