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Intake Screen for Nuclear Power Plants

JX Filtration Wedge Wire Panel

Nuclear energy, an environmentally friendly energy source, plays an ever-increasing role in modern society. With over many years of development, atomic energy construction and production have been grown and prospered in China.

Intake Screen for Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power generation requires large amounts of water drawing from the ocean; therefore, water quality treatment is crucial to nuclear energy production success. Seawater can only be used for power stations after repeated chemical and physical treatment, including adsorption, sedimentation, or blocking to purify water quality. Blocking makes water pass through the filter materials while keeping bulky impurities out, thereby getting cleaner water for the power stations. As a new type of structural filter materials, the wedge wire is increasingly used in nuclear power plants due to its excellent filtration precision, high structural strength, and easy backwashing performance.

Working Principle

The water intake screen has formed a series of standardized products, which are widely used in petrochemical, food, and other industries. These provide a reference for its promotion in the nuclear power plant.

The applications of wedge wire intake screens in nuclear power plant facilities filter water from lakes, streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Intake Screen can be placed far away from the shore for better water quality and lower marine life concentrations and debris. When the pump draws water from water, the water with impurities passes through the water intake screen, clean waters are pumped into the pipe, and the debris and aquatic life are filtered outside the tube.

Different Intake Water Filtering Materials Comparison

The most commonly used filter material in nuclear power plants includes woven metal screens, metal powder sintered screens, and laminated screen.

Wedge wire screens

structural strength, filtration accuracy, and pressure drop resistance meet all requirement

We find that the wedge wire intake screens have better performance and efficiency than other filter materials by reviewing the above sheet.

Although the intake screen application in nuclear power plants is still in rapid development, its unique structure and characteristics make it widely used in various nuclear power plant projects under construction.

Safety and reliability have been repeatedly verified in practices. The process of water intake screens keeps improving. The wedge wire intake screen is sure to grow faster and intense with the constant improvement of the wedge wire screen process and the rapid development of nuclear power.

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