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Sieve Bend Screen

JX Filtration Sieve Bend Screen

The Sieve Bend Screen is an energy-efficient and innovative filtering device with a simple and novel structure, remarkable filtering effects, and a detachable design for easy installation and removal of the sieve mesh.

Sieve Bend Screen

Key Performance Features of Sieve Bend Screen:

  1. Stainless steel grate-type curved sieve plate with gap widths adjustable from 10 to 3000 microns.
  2. Pressure-fed and grate-type structure to ensure high filtering capacity.
  3. Automatic cleaning of the sieve plate and inlet, preventing clogging and ensuring continuous operation.
  4. Compact structure, no rotating parts, easy installation and maintenance, leak-free fully enclosed structure, and a clean working environment.

The Sieve Bend Screen is primarily used in coal mines for dewatering, desludging, and desliming operations on materials. It can also be used in conjunction with hydrocyclones for classification, dewatering, and desliming of small particle materials.

Its components include a support frame, sieve seat, sieve box, sieve plate, and inlet distribution box. The sieve surface and frame of the Sieve Bend Screen use a bearing rotation structure that can rotate 180 degrees, and its seat shaft can also be flipped, allowing the interchangeability of the inlet and outlet ends. This balances the wear and tear, extends the machine's lifespan, and ensures a compact structure, easy installation, flexible operation, and easy maintenance. Additionally, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion with excellent mechanical performance. It finds extensive applications in industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, and paper production.

Given the diverse applications and specifications, JX Filtration, with its experienced engineering designers, can tailor Sieve Bend Screens of different specifications based on your actual conditions. Your satisfaction is paramount before we proceed with the customized production.

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