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Wedge Wire Basket

Wedge wire basket made by stainless steel wedge wire and support rod.

Q: What's the slot size?

A: JX Filtration could make 0.02mm Wedge Wire Basket.

Q: What's the wedge wire and support rod for options?

Stainless steel wedge wire screen support rod pitch: 10-300mm

Q: What's the type?

Connection type: 

  • Standard
  • End ring
  • Flange

Q: What's the dimensions?

A: Length and diameter can be customized.

Q: What's the construction material for options?

A: We have SS304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 2205, 2207, 904L, Hastelloy, etc.

Q: What's the feature?

    • Strong structure.
    • Good mechanical properties.
    • High strength.
    • High treatment capacity.
    • Excellent filtering performance.
    • Corrosion and rust resistance.
    • Abrasion resistance.
    • Temperature resistance.
    • Low maintenance cost.
    • Durable and long service life.

Q: What's the application?

A: water treatment (centrifugal dewatering equipment), mining, coal, oil, fertilizer, grain, environmental protection, oil filter, salt industry and other industries.

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