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Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen is welded by wedge wire profile, support rod and stiffeners.

Q: What's the slot size?

A: JX Filtration could make 0.02mm Rotary Drum Screen.

Q: What's the wedge wire and support rod for options?

Stainless steel wedge wire screen support rod pitch: 10-300mm

Q: What's the type?

  • Internally fed
  • Externally fed

Q: What's the dimensions?

A: Length and diameter can be customized. Length: up to 6500mm, Diameter: up to 2000mm.

Q: What's the construction material for options?

A: We have SS304, 304L, SS316, SS316L, 321, 2205, 2207, 904L, Hastelloy, etc.

Q: What's the feature?

  • Simple structure and stable operation.
  • Convenient maintenance and long service life.
  • Large filtration capacity up to 6000m3/h, high precision up to 10 microns, and the recovery rate of small suspended solids in wastewater is greater than 80%.
  • Fully automatic and continuous work, no need to be supervised by special personnel.
  • The wedge-shaped part from the aperture gradually widens in the downward direction. Blockages can be reduced to minimum.
  • High Lateral strength and work efficiency.
  • High wear resistance and corrosion resistance with low pressure drop.

Q: What's the application?

A: coal and coke washeries, ore beneficiant plants, sugar mills, cement, chemical and fertilizer plants, cellulose, wood and straw pulp and board industries, sewage effluent and water treatment.

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