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Rotary Drum Screen

I. Purpose and Introduction

This Rotary Drum Screen is designed to remove solid particles larger than 80 mesh in suspension. Wastewater is lifted from the sewage collection tank to the microfiltration machine by a dedicated sewage pump. The special buffer tank ensures that the wastewater is evenly distributed into the internal screen (with a mesh size smaller than 80 mesh).

Rotary Drum Screen

The drum rotates at a uniform speed of 360 degrees. During the rolling process, the wastewater rolls out of the screen and enters the next stage of wastewater treatment unit by gravity, while solid particles larger than 80 mesh remain inside the drum and are conveyed to the feed port of the extruder by internal baffles.

II. Key Features

  1. Simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, and long service life.

  2. High filtration capacity and efficiency, with a solid removal rate of over 60% for aquaculture wastewater.

  3. Small footprint, low cost, low-speed operation, safety, convenience, water and energy saving.

  4. Continuous operation, automatic flushing, and no need for dedicated supervision.

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