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Filter Nozzle

JX Filtration Wedge Wire Nozzle

Stainless steel filter nozzles, also known as stainless steel water nozzles, filter tubes, nozzle-shaped filter nets, are widely used filtering materials.


The main materials for stainless steel filter nozzles are 201, 304, 306, 316, and 316L stainless steel. Among them, the most commonly used is the 304 stainless steel filter nozzle.

There are two types: one type involves stamping the stainless steel filter mesh, pressing it into shape, and using metal plates or injection molding for edge wrapping. The other type involves forming the stainless steel wedge wire into a spiral shape.

The application of stainless steel filter nozzles produced by different processes varies:

The first type of stainless steel filter nozzle is mainly used in mechanical components to filter impurities in oil. It is suitable for various fuel filtration and equipment filtration in the water treatment industry.

The second type of stainless steel filter nozzle is widely used in filter pool brine backwash systems, combined, return-type, pressure-type ion exchangers, mechanical filters, activated carbon adsorbers, and other water treatment equipment. It is used in the construction of new water plants and the renovation of old water plant filter beds. It can effectively filter and backwash air and water, suitable for various industrial water applications such as beverages, printing and dyeing, swimming pools, and can also be applied in industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment projects. It can also be used in drainage systems for rapid filter beds.

Common features: Both types have excellent wear resistance, large flow area, unaffected by temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, easy replacement, safety, environmental friendliness, and reliability.

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