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Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Nozzle

  1. Overview:

The stainless steel wedge wire nozzle is a derivative product of stainless steel wedge wire wound around a wire tube. The nozzle head is made by welding stainless steel trapezoidal wire, and a nozzle cover plate is added to the top. It is connected to the filter tank through methods such as threaded connection. It has many features such as adjustable filtration accuracy, acid resistance, alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, and high safety factor. It is an ideal substitute for traditional ABS nozzles.

wedge wire nozzle
  1. Classification of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Nozzle:
  • Flow rate: Approximately 0.25 tons/hour, 0.5 tons/hour, 1 ton/hour, etc.
  • Handle length: Long handle, medium handle, short handle.
  • Shape: Tower-shaped, hemispherical, plum blossom-shaped, disc-shaped, etc.
  • Interface: External thread, internal thread.

Stainless steel wedge wire nozzles are commonly referred to as: Pipe-type single-head nozzle, pipe-type double-head nozzle, wrench-type single-head nozzle, wrench-type double-head nozzle, long-handle nozzle, deck-type single-head nozzle, clamp-type double-head nozzle, double flow rate nozzle, flat nozzle, etc.

  1. Structure of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Nozzle:

The wedge wire filter nozzle consists of a nozzle base, a nozzle cover plate, a trapezoidal sieve tube with ribs, and a guide tube. At the central axis of the trapezoidal sieve tube, there is an inverted flow cup fixed on the nozzle base. The lower opening of the flow cup encloses the upper part of the guide tube that extends into the nozzle base. The bottom and wall of the flow cup, as well as the upper tube wall enclosed by the guide tube, have multiple pores. A flow valve core that can float up and down is set at the top of the guide tube. By setting the flow rate of the trapezoidal sieve tube, the number and size of circular holes, and the gap distance, the nozzle can meet various flow rate ratios of backwashing and filtration water flow under different process conditions.

  1. Application Range of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Nozzle:

The stainless steel wedge wire nozzle is a water distribution system for the bottom of the filter tank, which effectively flushes out sludge and debris in the filter tank to ensure normal operation of the water quality and quantity in the filter tank. The rational structure, firm connection, high pressure-bearing capacity, unchanged gap, and absence of dead water corners between the filter plates make it free of mud accumulation and achieve good results.

Filter heads and caps are commonly used in filter devices such as filter tank backwashing water distribution systems, single-water backwashing, gravity-type and pressure-type filter tanks, and ion exchange filter beds. They are also used in advanced purification of urban drinking water and industrial water, and are advanced purification materials in the production of high-purity water and mineral water.

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