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Microfiltration Machine Overview

JX Filtration Rotary Drum Screen

The microfiltration machine is a mechanical filtering device composed of essential components such as a transmission system, overflow weir distributor, and flushing water mechanism. The filter mesh is constructed using stainless steel wire. Its operational principle involves directing the untreated water through the overflow weir distributor, achieving brief laminar flow stability, and evenly overflowing through the outlet. The water is distributed onto the filter screen inside the rotating cylinder in the opposite direction, creating a relative shearing movement against the cylinder's inner wall.

Rotary Drum Screen

This high-efficiency process effectively separates and isolates solid particles, guiding them along the helical guiding plates inside the cylinder to be discharged from the opposite end. Wastewater filtered through the mesh flows away from the bottom through the protective shields on both sides of the cylinder. The machine is equipped with a flushing water pipe on the outer side of the filter cylinder, using pressure water (3Kg/m²) to spray in a fan or needle shape, ensuring a thorough cleaning of the filter mesh (recycled filtered wastewater can also be used for flushing), thereby maintaining optimal filtration capabilities.

Scope of Application: The microfiltration machine is specifically designed to address common challenges such as clogging, susceptibility to damage, high maintenance, and substantial secondary investments in existing systems. It represents a practical technology for the treatment of papermaking wastewater.

This equipment incorporates technology from New Zealand Wanquan Machinery, tailored to the specific conditions in our country. It is widely applicable in various scenarios requiring solid-liquid separation, including urban domestic wastewater, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical wastewater filtration, with a particular emphasis on the treatment of white water in papermaking, achieving closed-loop recycling for reuse.

Key Features of Fully Enclosed Microfiltration Machine:

  1. Simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, and extended lifespan.
  2. High filtering capacity and efficiency, with a general fiber recovery rate exceeding 80%.
  3. Compact footprint, low cost, low-speed operation, automatic protection, easy installation, water and energy-saving.
  4. Fully automatic continuous operation, requiring no dedicated personnel oversight.

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